ArtFields 2018

MW Studios ArtFields 2018 postcard

In November, we applied to ArtFields, an acclaimed celebration and competition of arts in the Southeast. A few weeks ago, we delivered “Pod” to Lake City, SC. We have been busy preparing for the Makers Market, held on Saturday, April 21 and Sunday, April 22. We are looking forward to venturing out and expanding our reach – the first time we are going to a show as MW Studios. Find out more about the entry below.


This sculpture depicts an organism or creature emerging from a pod. The emergence can
be interpreted by the viewer. On one hand, the form looks alien and large enough in size to be threatening – it could be the stuff of horrific nightmares. On the other hand, the shapes are somewhat familiar and reminiscent of plants from the backyard garden: bean pods, tendrils, fiddleheads. So the sculpture could also be interpreted as unfurling potential, a being on the cusp of birth, like in the springtime. The viewer will never see what is within the pod, so their experience of the piece ultimately depends on their own psyche. Our schemas and expectations have a great influence not only on how we interpret a work of art, but also how we engage with the world. The duality of horror vs. optimism reveals that our fears and hopes are two sides of the same coin. Although they are often conceptualized as polar opposites, they are intrinsically and intimately linked.
A three-dimensional wire substructure was constructed. In a puzzle-like style, the individual pieces of metal plate was cut, hammered to the proper curve and welded into place. All seams were welded and ground down to create the enclosed pod. After the piece was complete, the exterior was textured similar to cross-hatching. Completed with a hand grinder, there are more than 15,000 individual hash marks. The piece was torched to varying temperatures to create subtle changes in color and then finished with beeswax.

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