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Recently featured by the Asheville Citizen Times: http://www.citizen-times.com/story/life/2017/11/24/wood-and-metal-burnsville-artist-crafts-his-vision-and-his-tools/800620001/

MW Studios is the home of creative partners Mark Woodham and Joyce Hones. Nestled in the heart of the Appalachian mountains, an old Napa Auto parts building in Burnsville has been transformed into a wood and metalworking shop specializing in furniture, sculpture, and functional accessories. The building houses the workshop in the back portion, and features a spacious gallery in the front. In addition to showcasing the works in metal and wood, the gallery will be home to yoga classes led by Joyce Hones, RYT 200.

The mission of MW Studios is to create beautiful experiences… through the artists’ expression and innovation, the viewer’s encounter of the artwork, and the union of teacher and students practicing yoga in an environment that fosters creativity.

Mark Woodham
Mark Woodham is new to western North Carolina as a wood and metalworker, but is no stranger to the arts business. For 25 years, Woodham was an owner and glassblower at a studio in Columbia, SC and during that time, he engaged in wood and metalworking as a hobby in which he felt truly expressive. In early 2017, Woodham made the leap from hot glass in the Midlands of South Carolina to organic woodgrain and cool metal lines in the mountains of Burnsville, NC. Along with partner/assistant Hones, Woodham is in the process of restoring a building into a dream workshop/studio and gallery space. Their work will focus on the union of wood and metal to create furniture, functional accessories, and sculpture that is suitable for in the home and outdoors. With reverence for the subject matter, Woodham is inspired by flora, fauna, and cultural artifacts. When not working in the shop, Mark is busy thinking about what to work on next at the shop. He also loves to enjoy the outdoors (especially with his son and daughter), work out, is a new practitioner of yoga, and has an undiscriminating passion for cheese.

Joyce Hones
Joyce Hones is a teacher of heart-centered yoga with a focus on safe alignment and intelligent sequencing of asana. Her primary studentship has been at City Yoga (Columbia, SC) and she completed a 200-hour teacher training in November 2016 through Rasika Yoga School (Cornelius, NC; led by Stacey Millner-Collins, Sarah Faircloth, Kelley Gardner, Allison Modafferi-Brewster, and Sari Weston). She also offers classes at nearby Weaverville Yoga.

Her classes focus on alignment, celebration of embodiment, and a balance of connecting inward to self and outward to community. The blend of theme with physical postures allows students to take what is meaningful to them and map it onto their body. Joyce’s classes honor the natural rhythms of our human experience – by hour, by month, and by season. She considers it a gift to have the opportunity to teach, and has an eager mind and open heart to learn from each class and student. Aside from yoga, she enjoys hiking, fermentation, and working with her hands.

From a student: “As a student in Joyce’s classes you can expect to be rejuvenated in mind, body, and soul. No matter the type of day you have experienced, once you roll out your mat and are in her presence your worries slip away. She is always in tune with the seasons, elements, and moon phases and brings a quote or message that sticks with you after you leave the studio. She is great with helping you keep your breathing techniques and with alignment. She also is willing to research specific techniques that might help your body in particular if you let her know something feels off or hurts. The intentions set in the class resonate with me after and help me manifest in my own life off the mat.”