Chief Sitting Bull

I started in January 2018 on Sitting Bull. Inspired by the great Chief his people and an oil painting my grandfather did in 1965.

I started with 1/4″ round rod to create the substructure. Then small sections are traced then cut out of 3/16″ plate steel. These plates are cold hammered to the proper contour which could take up to 45 minutes per piece. Each is then tack welded. After a large section is complete, it is all seam welded and ground down to a polish(extremely laborious). The nose itself consists up to 75 individual pieces. He will eventually have braided hair made from 1/16″ cable. Each hair will have 1/16″ drilled hair folical. In addition he will have 2 feathers created out of steel. At this point he is around 500 lbs. not including the custom cart I had to build (around 650 lbs. finished).  It was built so I can pivot the head to work on and more importantly get through the doorway into the gallery. The final step it will consist of heating it up to around 600 deg. then add bees-wax over the entire piece. The heat and bees wax will give it a bronze appearance. More progress pics to come.