Fiddlehead Yoga

Copy of June Schedule

Mondays, Basic Yoga, 6-7 PM, $10/class:

These classes are suitable for someone who has never practiced, or who is returning to practice after a hiatus. We will establish a foundational yoga practice in an encouraging and fun way. It is specially priced at $10 per class to encourage you to show up on your mat.

Saturdays, Align & Flow All Levels, 8:30-9:45 AM, $15/class:

This class is suitable for all levels. Show up and explore how a physical yoga practice, meditation and breathwork can support your well-being. The cost is $15 per class.

These classes are open to ages 18+. Please arrive with ample time prior to the start of class to sign in and get settled. There are a limited number of mats available to borrow, but I encourage you to purchase your own so that you will have it as you establish a routine practice!

2 thoughts on “Fiddlehead Yoga

  1. I’m 82, and dealing with some damaged rotator cuffs. Adon Wallace gave me your name.

    Would Yoga help me regain flexibility and strength? Getting down to the mat and then back up again will be an issue for me, for openers! My body seems to have worn out before my brain was ready for it to do so.

    I’m starting a strength restoring routine at Mission’s facility in Burnsville next week.


    David Strawn


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